CFE Services


CFE realise its mission through consultation and in partnership with the community and stakeholders it serve. We operate and manage a socialised food supply chain, which is focused on delivering fresh fruit & vegetables of the highest quality and at the best possible price.  Based on this socialised supply chain and working in partnership with local people, statutory/voluntary organisations and local businesses, we have developed a balanced and comprehensive range of innovative, community based services and interventions, which we deliver through the following strands:


Social Activities


Nurseries & Schools (Breakfast Clubs/Tuck Shops)

Community Support Service (CSS)

Social Food Outlets (Mobile Food Store)

Supporting the Work of the Gleaning Network

Supporting Local Food Banks/Charitable Organisations

Training/Volunteering Opportunities


Enterprise Activities



J4L - in the Community  

Short term Storage




Luncheon Clubs

Food Bags

Workplace Health

Supporting Community Cafe/Shops